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Diamond Hall Infant Academy Uniform Policy

Review Date: October 2023

Next review date: September 2024 Person in charge: Mrs S. Collingwood Updated by: Mrs L. Cook



 Diamond Hall Infant Academy Uniform Policy supports the high standards of the Academy as well as ensuring a strong sense of identity amongst our pupils.

 We believe that school uniform is important because it:


  • Fosters equality
  • Looks smart
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Fosters a feeling of pride



 Pupils should wear:


  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Light blue or white polo shirt
  • Black or grey skirt or pinafore dress, grey or black trousers/shorts
  • Summer dresses (summer term) - Royal blue and white or navy and white

Royal blue fleece jackets/coats, sweatshirts and PE shorts with the school logo plus some other uniform items are available to purchase online at: (Link can be found on home page of school website) - https://studentuniform.co.uk/dhi009/


  • Black Shoes
  • Trainers or Plimsolls

Footwear should be suitable for children to play outside in, no open toes/high heels. Footwear needs to appropriate for the time of year and weather.

PE Kit

Please ensure that you have provided your child with a PE Kit. This should consist of:

  • Navy or royal blue shorts, clearly labelled with their
  • White or blue t shirt (The one they wear for school is fine, you do not need to provide an additional top.)
  • During the summer term children will do PE outside so a letter will go out to remind you to send in trainers which will be kept in school until July when children break


It is essential that you put your child’s name in all articles of clothing, including

footwear/hats etc.


Jewellery, Headwear and accessories


  • Earrings - We strongly recommend that your child should not wear earrings in the interests of health and If you choose to allow your child to wear earrings only studs are allowed (not jewelled or fashion studs). If they come out, staff will not be able to assist children to replace them.
  • School will not accept any responsibility for any jewellery, headwear or accessories are lost.

 In the interest of Health and Safety, the Head teacher and the Governing Body have the right to decide whether certain types of clothing or particular items are deemed suitable to wear in school.


Pre-loved Pre-owned uniform

 We have a selection of pre-loved/pre-owned uniform in school. It is freshly washed and ready to wear. The items are free and can be asked about at the School Office or by contacting Mrs L. Cook


Uniform Policy 2023-24