Diamond Hall Infant Academy

Well Street, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR4 6JF

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I can, you can, we can.


At Diamond Hall Infant Academy we believe that the Art education we provide enables all children to create and make visual representations of all types. This is alongside developing a growing awareness of visual representations and artists work.

We seek to take children into the world of art both past and present opening their minds to possibilities and to the creative ideas of others. We believe that this stimulates children and adults minds to try out ideas and approaches themselves. We intend to encourage an enjoyment of art that will stay with the children all through their lives.

Through the art curriculum at Diamond Hall Infant academy we aim to ensure that all children :


  • develop age appropriate skills and techniques in regard to drawing , painting and printing .
  • develop a growing knowledge of the visual components of colour , shape, form ,line , tone , texture and space.
  • are able to use visual language appropriately alongside their deepening knowledge of visual components.
  • develop a growing confidence and skill in applying their knowledge in respect of colour , shape , form , line, tone , texture and space in their own work .
  • are introduced to the work of selected artists and have opportunities to think about and talk about their work.


Art Policy - Spring 2023.pdf