Diamond Hall Infant Academy

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I can, you can, we can.



Through our literacy curriculum, we prioritise children learning the fundamental skills they need to be competent communicators, readers and writers. Through our oracy curriculum children are taught progressive skills linked to the four stands of oracy. This begins with our youngest 2 year olds and is built upon throughout the school.

Alongside this children are taught language structures, relevant to their age and stage which enables children to articulate accurately to the correct audience. Vocabulary is at the core of the curriculum and tier two and three vocabulary is explicitly planned for in meaningful contexts supported by real life objects/ experiences to enable children to fully understand the meaning of new words.

Children are taught the fundamentals of phonics within nursery using the adopted systematic synthetic phonics programme, Little Wandle. The formal teaching of grapheme phoneme correspondence starts immediately in reception and progresses through to year 1 and year 2 for those children who still require phonics support.

As soon as children have sufficient letter sounds and are able to blend, children begin to read books matched to their phonic ability. Children in reception and year 1 have three reading sessions per week delivered by a trained adult.

As well as learning to decode, children throughout the school are supported to develop a love of reading. High quality children’s literature is chosen and forms the literature spines per year group. Writing is closely linked to reading, where a core text is identified, the genre is explored and specific transcriptional and grammatical skills are taught before building up to a piece of writing.