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Latest News

Latest News

* Parent Well-being Workshop - Thursday, 10th March 2016

This was an opportunity for parents to talk to and receive support from professionals and school staff about their children.  It was felt to be a well-received session by the parents.  Some comments received from the day on whether the session was useful and why were :

“Lots of different strategies and people to help.”

“My daughter is having trouble with her son and now she’s going to a course thanks to the staff today.”

“Because I’m having trouble with my 5 year old and now joined a parenting programme.”

“Made me realise that I’m not alone when it comes to children behaviour, that a parenting course doesn’t make you a bad parent.”

“I wasn’t aware of the ‘Foundation of Light scheme’ and I can see how much it could benefit us. So thank you.”

“Very, I have found some different ways of helping my children understand when I am not happy with their behaviour etc.” (added March 2016)

* Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele lessons have started for Year 1 every week and listening to them, this opportunity is going well.  They are looking forward to playing for you. (added March 2016)

* Attendance

Starting Monday 22nd February both Nursery and Reception are beginning an Attendance Challenge.  Parents and carers it’s up to you. Make sure your child comes to school everyday. Not only do they get a sticker on a personal chart but the winners are going to receive a tasty chocolate treat!  It is so important for children to develop good habits of attendance in their early years and you know the school will be monitoring closely.  If there is a problem please come and talk to us. Your child’s class teacher can be a great help as can Mrs Firth our Deputy Head Teacher.  Willow group in Year 1 won the prize last term and had a fabulous time – bowling. Take time to look at the photos – looks like the grown ups were enjoying themselves too! (added February 2016)



Year One will soon be commencing their swimming lessons at Raich Carter Centre.  Rowan Group will be taking the first 6 week block of lessons.


Dates are: 2nd March, 9th March, 16th March, 23rd March, 30th March and 6th April. Further details will be sent to parents shortly (added February 2017)

* Exciting news!!

On Monday we are launching our new punctuality and attendance incentives. If you are on time every day for a whole term you will be awarded one of our brand new bronze wristbands to wear in school every day. If you continue to be on time for the next term you will be awarded a silver wristband too AND if you are perfectly punctual for all three terms you will be awarded with a GOLD wristband!! Let’s see who can collect all three!!!!  Each week the group with the highest attendance will receive the ‘Spike’ trophy. At the end of the term, the group who has had ‘Spike’ the most, will get to vote for a group reward which could be a trip out! You can track your group’s success on the display board near Year 1 as well as on the school website.  Children who have 100% attendance all year will be rewarded in the usually way of an end of year certificate and prize as well as being entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a fabulous prize for their whole family to enjoy (added December 2015)



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