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Nursery 2's Sights, Sounds and Surprises Meg and Mog Nov 19

Meg the witch and Mog her cat from the storybook 'Meg and Mog' came to nursery to tell us about the spell party they had had for Halloween. The children made links to their own Halloween experiences in simple ways and agreed to help Meg prepare for their own spell party at nursery. Every day Meg set us a challenge including making our own spooky spells, making spooky decorations, mixing spooky potions, making spooky party food etc ready for the spell party which we had with our friends in the Nursery 3s room. There were lots of sights and sounds to explore as well as surprises along the way! The children enjoyed acting in role during the process and used lots of the story language and story-line in their independent play.