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I can, you can, we can.

Year 2

Dear Parents,

A new activity will be posted here by 10am, Monday- Friday by a member of the Year 2 Team. We miss our year 2's and would love to see some pictures of your child completing the activities at home. Please send us photos to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 2.' We might even be able to add some on to this page so your child can see what their friends have been doing at home too. We hope you are all keeping safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes from, 

Mrs Morris, Miss Applegarth, Mrs Corsi, Miss Mitchell, Mrs Drea and Mrs Hepplewhite.


Thursday 9th April 2020

Good morning everyone, we are all missing you and hoping you are enjoying our challenges. Today we have an Easter challenge of you!


It’s Eastertime and lots of us will get an Easter egg from the Easter Bunny.

Here is a story about another rabbit called Peter who gets himself into a lot of trouble!

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit

Watch this online story……….


You can follow the words as they are read aloud and have a go at reading them yourself.

There are a few words that Clara Clarifier wants you to think about as you read the story. You can talk to your grown up about what they mean or you could use a kid’s online dictionary to help.

mischief   whom   dreadfully

unfortunately   ‘shed great tears’

implored   exert   intended  presently

‘trembling with fright’ 

puzzled     scuttered

 Poor Peter was not very well after his adventure in Mr McGregor’s garden.  Can you cheer him up by designing an Easter egg for him or making him an Easter card?

You could decorate a real egg (ask a grown up to hard boil it), use a stone from your garden or draw a picture.


Here are some eggs and cards that the Year 2 grownups have decorated to cheer up Peter Rabbit, we cannot wait to see yours! Please send them to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 2.'

 We hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend with your family. We will be back with your next daily challenge on Tuesday 14th April. Please remember that we are thinking of you all and please keep safe!

Happy Easter from everyone in Year 2.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Good morning everyone! Hope you have enjoyed all of your daily challanges so far, we have loved seeing your photos so far. Today we have a phonics challenge for you! 

I spy phonics

Read each of these sounds.

Can you make a list of the things you can see inside and outside your house that have these sounds?

Here is one to start you off……

How many things can you find for each sound?

Remember there are different ways to spell each sound.  Can you remember the spelling rules?


We hope you love todays challenge. We would love to see all of the things you have found and to see if you used the correct spelling rule. When you have done this please send your pictures to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 2.' We cannot wait to see them!

Tuesday 7th April 2020

 Good morning everyone! We hope everyone is keeping themselves safe! Today we have our geography topic challenge for you all! It's a...

Easter Bunny Geography Map Challenge

The Easter Bunny is lost and needs your help!

Can you draw a map of your house so he knows where to leave the eggs?

Remember to draw all the rooms in your house.

You could even draw some arrows on the map to show him the quickest route from room to room.

Can someone in your house follow the route you have drawn?

Now have a go at the Bee-Bot Emulator game – we’ve used this in class. Click on the link and follow the instructions below.


Follow the link

Choose your map from the drop down menu.

Decide your destination.

Create your algorithm

Don’t forget to press CLEAR before a new instruction is given to your Bee-Bot.


We hope you love todays challenge and hope to see lots of pictures of your maps with lots of arrows or even a picture of you having a go at the Bee-Bot Emulator. When you can done this please send your pictures to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 2.' We cannot wait to see them!



From Year 2. 

Monday 6th April 2020

Good morning Year 2 and grownups, we all hope you've had a lovely weekend! Today we have a Monday Maths challenge for you. 

Fantastic Fractions!

This week we have some short video lessons for you. 

Before school closed we did lots of work on fractions and learned how to find one half, one quarter and one third. 

The link below takes you to the White Rose Maths website.

 If you click on Home Learning then Year Two, there are some great videos to help you become even more of an expert at fractions!


Start with Week 1, Lesson 1 and work through the videos one at a time. 

Do this with a grown up and you can pause the video and have a go at answering the questions.

There are some worksheets you can print off and have a go at, but lots of us do not have a printer at home. 

How about practising fractions when you are having a snack?

You might cut up your snack into halves, quarters or thirds or you might even be able to see how many different ways you can make the same fraction!


We'd love to see some pictures of you cutting up your snack. You might even want to lable to fraction!Please send them to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 2.'


From Year 2.

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning everyone. It's the last school day of the week! As you all know we ALWAYS have reading for pleasure just before reward time on a Friday, so we had to make sure you all got to enjoy our reading time together. If you can remember our song 'I'm reading. We're listening' you could teach your grown up what we sing just before a story!


You are the teacher!

Read your reading book to your favourite toy.

Quincy Questioner says 'Can you think of some questions to ask your toy about what you have read?'

You can write down the questions and help your toy to answer them.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning everyone! Today we have another topic challenge for you except this one is a Geography Quiz. For one of the questions you might like you remind yourselves by singing the continents song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6DSMZ8b3LE.

In The Rainforest

We have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest. This rainforest is in the continent of South America.

1.How many of the other 6 continents can you remember? If you can not remember them all someone in your house might be able to help you.


Different animals live in different parts of the Rainforest. We found about 4 of these places.

2.Can you remember the names of these areas? Here is one to get you started……The Forest Floor.

 3. Unscramble these letters to find the names of these rainforest animals.

respid kmyneo                             jrgaua                             abo ronscoictrt                              unctoa                             ratnaeret


Here are some pictures to help you, but they aren't in the correct order!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning everyone! Hope you have enjoyed all of your daily challanges so far, we have loved seeing you photos so far. Today we have a phonics challange for you! 

Log onto PhonicsPlay (link below)


Follow the instructions to log onto the site.

Click on Parents followed by Interactive Resources.

Start by playing the Flashcards Speed Trial activity. This helps your child automatically recognise single sounds progressing to 2 and 3 letter sounds.

The challenge is for your child to say the letter sound correctly as they flash up along the racing track.

Once completed the time to complete the challenge is displayed and you can either repeat the same activity or request different letters. 

The letters are referred to as graphemes. 

We would suggest starting at a lower phase and progressing once your child says all the sounds within the same phase correctly. 

Once a number of errors are made then this will indicate the phase to practise and improve on before moving to the next level.

Once you have practised all of the sounds then play Picnic On Pluto.  

This helps your child recognise the various letter sounds within words.  They need to say the sounds within the word shown and then blend the sounds (push them together) to read the word.  You can either choose the sounds that your child needs to practise following the first activity or choose to revise all sounds within the phase your child is working at.

It is important that you listen to your child as they complete these activities to make sure they are saying the sounds and reading the words correctly.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning Year 2 and grownups! Today we have a science activity as we all know how much you love this subject (and Mrs Applegarth). You are going to become an Amazing Animal Adventurer!

Your Challenge

Go on an animal adventure and see how many animals you can find.

In your garden, yard or when you are walking outside, find a place with grass, leaves, weeds, a large stone or log. Ask an adult to help lift it and look carefully around to see if you can spot any animals living there. You might carefully collect some to look at closely indoors (but remember to be kind and put them back!) Can you find out the animal names? You could draw a picture, write a poem or even make a model of your animal using playdough or empty cartons or boxes!

Congratulations! You are an amazing animal adventurer! 


We cannot wait to see your AMAZING models which we hope you can email to us. 


From Year 2.

Monday 30th March 2020.

 Good morning Year 2 and grownups. Here is where you will see all of the daily challenges we have set for the children!

 Todays challenge is a maths challange. 


Look at the windows in your house.

What shape are they?

Rectangles, squares or even circles?

Go on a shape hunt around your house and see how many different shapes you can find, for example, circles in clocks, and so on. Explain to your grown up why the shape is what it is by talking about its features.  For example, triangles have 3 straight sides and 3 corners.  Shapes are everywhere.  Food tins and toilet rolls are cylinders; a photo frame can be a rectangle, square or circle!

BBC Bitesize have short video clips and activities that will help the children remember the shape names and their properties.

2D Shapes



2D Shapes




Here is an online shape pattern game to try. Make sure you describe the pattern to a grown up using the shaoe names correctly.  How many levels can you complete?