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I can, you can, we can.

Year 1

Dear Parents,

A new activity will be posted here by 10am, Monday- Friday by a member of the Year 1 team. We miss our year 1's and would love to see some pictures of your child completing the activities at home. Please send us photos to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.' We might even be able to add some into our Home Learning, Year 1 Gallery so your child can see what their friends have been doing at home too. We hope you are all keeping safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes from, 

Mrs Bates, Mrs Kerry, Ms Wardrobe, Mrs Cook, Mrs McDonald and Ms Begum.



Thursday 9th April


Today we would like you to write a recount of a walk you went on this week. Remember to use time words (E.g, first, next, then, finally.) To support your writing, use your helping hand which was given in your homework pack to remind you to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Also, remember to re-read your sentences to check they make sense.

Here's a recount I wrote this morning:


A Walk to the Beach.

Yesterday was a sunny day so I walked to the beach with my family for my daily exercise. 

First we left the house and waved at a neighbour who was cutting the grass in their garden. 

Next we got to the end of the street and crossed the road at the zebra crossing. 

Then we walked past the benches and down the grassy path to the beach. 

After that, we arrived on the beach and enjoyed walking on the sand. 

Finally, we walked home. We enjoyed our walk in the fresh air.


We would love to see pictures of your work. Please send them to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'

We hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend with your family. We will be back with more daily challenges on Tuesday 14th April. Please remember that we are thinking of you all.

Stay safe and best wishes.

Happy Easter! 


The Year 1 Team xx



Wednesday 8th April

Today your challenge is to create with dots. Listen to the following story, The Dot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clpw7PG7m1Q 

Like Vashti, you don't have to be a brilliant artist to create a masterpiece.

For inspiration, click the link to step into the dotty world of Yayoi Kusama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVABrPWxSI

Here is one of Ms Wardrobe's dotty creations...


We love receiving your photos. Please keep them coming and send pictures of your dotty art to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'



Tuesday 7th April


Well done for completing your challenge yesterday. Have a look in our gallery to see some of the photos which were sent in. Now that you know lots about plants, today we want to open your own flower shop. 

You might have real plants at home or you could draw pictures, craft, or cut out photos of flowers from magazines to open your flower shop. Price your flowers at 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p and ask your grown up to role play buying and selling flowers using real coins. (You can also make these using card from an old cereal box if you don't have the correct coins at home.) Complete the following challenges:


Mrs Bates bought a bunch of Roses for 20p and a bunch of Daffodils for 10p. How much change would she get from 50p?

Mrs Kerry bought 2 Daisy's at 2p each, a Poppy for 5p and 3 Bluebells at 1p each. How much money does she need all together? 

Ms Wardrobe has 30p. She buys a bunch of sunflowers for 20p and 3 Daisy's at 2p each. Does she have enough money to buy a Poppy for 5p as well? Explain your answer. 

We would love to see some pictures of your flower shop. Please send photos to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'



Monday 6th April

We hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to get started on your challenges this week.

Whilst out for your daily exercise today, pick a plant to take home and dissect. Make sure you find a plant where you can see the roots, stem, leaves and flower, but do make sure you don't pick one from someones garden. Take it home and dissect it, how many parts of the plant can you name?  

Watch the video and make your own diagram using pencils or even natural or made resources. Label your picture and send it to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'


Here some examples to get you started...






Friday 3rd April

Ever wondered how different musical instruments make sound? Click the link to find out.


Today's challenge is to make your own musical instrument using objects from around the house. When you've done this, play your musical instrument in time with your favourite song.

We'd love to see some videos of you doing this.Please send them to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'


Well done and thank you for completing the challenges this week. Have a well deserved rest over the weekend and we'll be back on Monday morning with some more.

Stay safe everyone,

Best wishes,

From the Year 1 Team x


Thursday 2nd April

Today we'd like you to create a cosy reading den by draping blankets and sheets over chairs or other furniture. Use this space to share your favourite story with your grown up. You could even use it to watch some of our Bedtime Story videos posted each day in the Home Learning section of our website.

Here are some instructions on den making to get you started: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Den

Send photos of you reading in your reading den to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'  We'd love to see some of your creations and don't forget to mention which books you've enjoyed reading at home. Maybe we can share some of these in class when we are back.


Wednesday 1st April

Click the link to watch a video about the amazing things that happen in Spring time in Britain. 


When out for your daily exercise today, see how many signs of Spring you can spot. Take photos and use these to draw a picture of the signs of spring. If you don't have access to colouring pencils, why not complete it virtually on Tate Paint? Here's the link: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/games-quizzes/tate-paint

We'd love to see photos of you out looking for signs of Spring and your completed Spring pictures. Send them to: enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.'


Look how many signs of Spring I found in my garden this morning! 


Look how many signs of Spring Mrs Collingwood has found in her garden!


Tuesday 31st March

Click the link below, it's the 3D shape song! Listen to the song and go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. How many can you find? Take pictures and send them to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk and write in the subject line, 'FAO Year 1.' 




Here's what we found...


Look! Mrs Bates found a cylinder.                    Look! Mrs Kerry found a sphere.              Look! Ms Wardrobe found a cuboid.

              Look! Mrs Bates found a cylinder.                                                                                                   



Monday 30th March

Use water and an old paintbrush/make up brush/sponge or even a stick to write some of our key words on the wall or path in your garden.Children were given a list of key words in their homework pack, but here is a reminder of some of them:

I, to, go, no, into, me, he, she, we, be, when, were, went, what, then, that, are, some, come, here, there, where, was.

Extra Challenge. Can you think of sentences using one of the key words?


Weekly Challenge: 23-27th March


We know you have your home learning packs to keep your mind busy this week, but it's just as important to keep your body fit and active to stay healthy. The Body Coach is running daily PE sessions on YouTube every morning at 9am.

Get involved here: