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Nursery 2s and 3s

Here you will find a range of activities to help your child continue their learning at home. A new acticity will be uploaded by 10am Monday to Friday. We would love to see some pictures of your child completing the activities - if you email them to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk FAO Nursery, we might even be able to add some on to this page so your child can see what their friends have been doing too.

We would like to wish all of the children and their families a very happy Easter. We hope you all make the most of some quality family time at home this weekend. Thank you all for your ongoing support during this difficult time. Stay safe and we hope to see you all again soon. Lots of love from Miss Johnston, Mrs Osenton, Miss Kaye, Miss Stuart, Miss Anderson, Miss McCabe, Miss Millington, Mrs Bell, Miss Spoors and Miss Hall xxx


Here are some simple craft ideas you may wish to try at home this weekend. Miss Millington has made a video to show you how she made a bunny using a toilet roll tube and an Easter tree - why don't you watch and then have a go? Miss Millington's chick is hiding somewhere in the video too - see if you can spot it!


We would love to see some photos of your creations! Remember to email them to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk FAO NURSERY


Good morning everyone. Thank you and well done to the children and parents who sent us their photos yesterday - all of the nursery grown ups loved to see your smiling faces joining in with our challenges. 


Today, Miss Anderson invites you to join her at the Dough Disco! If you have play dough/plastercine/clay at home then you will need it for this activity. If not, there is a recipe below which you can follow to make your own. If you can't do this then don't worry, just get something soft and join in as best you can with the different actions! We all love Dough Disco at nursery and we are sure that you will have just as much fun joining in with your grown ups at home. We definitely want to see your photos of this activity too. 


There will be no home learning challenge tomorrow or Monday, however we will be posting some simple craft activities later on today which you may like to try at home over the bank holiday weekend. Again, we would love to see your photographs! Let's fill our gallery with all of your amazing efforts at home! 


Play dough recipe:

1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

1 tablespoon cooking oil

3/4 cup water


Heat the water in a microwave until hot. Then slowly pour the hot water in to a mixture od flour and salt. Pour the oil over the top and keep mixing until it forms a dough. You may wish to add food colouring to the hot water to change the colour of your dough but this is not essential. 



Hello everyone - you are in for a treat today as we have not 1 but 2 videos from Mrs Osenton who would like your help with some counting rhymes. You will need 5 of your favourite toys/teddies to help you with this counting job. 


We have not had very many photographs sent to us so far this week. We love to see the children joining in with the home learning tasks we set for them on here, so please send your pictures as often as you can and we will get them added to the gallery so your child can see what their friends have been doing too. We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of your children joining in with today's counting rhymes. Thank you for your ongoing support at this difficult time. 


Good morning boys and girls. We hope that you enjoyed Miss Anderson's story 'How to Catch the Easter Bunny' yesterday. Today, Miss Kaye has a phonics job for you so make sure you are ready to join in with our Beat Baby rhyme with a difference, and we would love to see some pictures of you joining in with the actions. Please email your photos to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co uk FAO Nursery. 


Hello everyone - we hope thst you had a nice weekend at home with your families. It is time for us to share a new story with you and because it is nearly Easter, Miss Anderson had picked a story called 'How to Catch the Easter Bunny' to read to you. We hope you enjoy it! What was your favourite part? Can you draw a picture of the Easter Bunny and send a photo to us today? We really want to see as many photos as possible this week please grown ups. 


Good morning boys and girls. We hope that you have enjoyed all of the activities we have set for you this week. We have loved seeing the photos of you doing them!

In today's video Miss Kaye has a phonics listening job for you. Can you guess the sounds that Miss Kaye is making? Once you have worked them out, ask your grown up to make some of the sounds for you to guess which animal it is and then you make some for your grown up to guess.

After this, ask your grown up to visit the website www.phonicsplay.co.uk

The username is march20 and password is home. Have a look in the phase 1 resources for the animal sound game and see if you can guess which animals are inside the box. 

Don't forget to come back at 6pm to listen to today's bedtime story, and remember to send your photos of you completing your home learning to enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk FAO Nursery. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to sharing a new story with you on Monday. 



Good morning everyone. Today we have an experiment for you to try with your grown up. Miss Anderson is challenging you to make an egg float! Watch the video below and give it a go. Make sure you send us some pictures of you trying the experiment! 

Have fun! 


Hello everyone. Well done to the children and families who have completed the daily tasks so far. Today, we have a number job for you to do. Miss Millington will tell you more in the video below. Get your counting fingers ready and see if you can join in with the counting rhyme too. 

Don't forget to send us your photos - we love seeing what you have been doing at home! 


Good morning boys and girls. We hope that you enjoyed listening to the story yesterday. You might like to listen to it again before you complete today's home learning activity. 

As today is Tuesday and we usually have PE with Mr Football, we are setting you a PE task to try at home. Watch the video below of Miss Johnston moving like the animals from the story - can you join in and make the moves too? Once you have learned all of the moves you can play a game with your grown ups where someone moves like one of the animals and everyone else guesses which one. Can you think of any other animal moves? Try them with your family! 

Once you have done this, ask your grown up to go to the web address below and complete one of the physical activities from the site. We like the one about the cat because it reminds us of the cat in our story. 

Website: home.jasmineactive.com

Username: parent@diamondhal-1.com

Password: diamondhal

Don't forget, we would love to see your photographs and upload them to the gallery on this page to share with all of your friends. 

enquiries@diamondhallinfantacademy.co.uk FAO Nursery

Have fun everyone and stay safe! We miss you!


Hello boys and girls. We hope that you are all keeping busy and having a lovely time at home with your families. This week all of your challenges are linked to the story 'Over on the Farm'. Why don't you get your chick and get comfy to listen to Mrs Osenton reading you the story? Get your counting fingers ready! When you have listened to the story perhaps you could draw a picture of your favourite animal and talk to your grown up about the different animals that live on the farm.